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About Me

     After a traumatic divorce almost a decade ago, I was completely broken and at emotional rock bottom. I had never felt so empty & lost. I was so upset about everything but even more so with myself for having allowed someone to treat me the way he did for so long. The life I had spent years building had been a complete lie.

     About a year later, I realized nothing was going to change until I changed it. My son needed a healed & happy mother & as self loathing as I was, I needed that for myself as well. I had no idea what would really happen & how profound it would be.

     I embarked on a journey that would connect me with myself at my divine core. For the first time in my life I was going to focus on myself. Through this journey, I was able to learn unconditional love, empowerment and alignment within myself to feel whole... which is something I had never ever felt. I was able to give the love to myself that I had been giving to others all my life. Everything shifted in a huge way.

     Today I have true happiness. I have immense inner peace, which is the biggest key. I have more love and feel more loved that I ever have. I am the Queen of my queendom and know that I'm in control. My life is amazing and I am so grateful every day.

I believe...

That women have infinite power. That being truly at peace is real happiness. That we have all the love we will ever need within ourselves. That we owe these things to ourselves more than anyone else. That this is our divine essence and we can embody it. That every woman was born to be a Queen.

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